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Omescape have brought room escape escapades to the gamers of Australia with their opening this year in North Melbourne. A game of physical adventure, these experiences are designed to challenge problem solving and analytical thinking skills of participants as well as forging closer bonds and ties at the same time.

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Open 6 days a week

We are open 6 days a week. Mon & Wed & Thur from 12pm until 10pm, Fri-Sat from 10:30am until 11:30pm, Sun from 10:30am until 10pm, Tue Close.

How many rooms you have?

We offer different rooms split into levels of difficulty.Put your skills to test in a choice of themed rooms include Jenny’s Study Room, Dark Alter.Work with friends, family or colleagues to escape the room within a set time limit. Use elements of the room to solve puzzles and find clues together.

What makes us different?

Omescape prides themselves on the latest technology available in each of the rooms that range from three to five-star difficulty ratings.Skip the awkward company picnic or family barbecue and bond during a real-life room escape experience. Groups of up to 10 people put their brains to work to piece together a series of puzzles and clues that will lead them to sweet, sweet victory.


"Exciting and wonderful place in North Melbourne which give us an experience on playing game in a busy city heart. We played the "Dark Altar". No idea what to expect. The staff led us to the room, and simply get start. Then we need to find our way out. The following hour is so intense. confusing and fun. Their background created a mysterious atmosphere, which makes us want to get out asap."
Suki SahEnjoyable For Groups
We had a basic idea how this worked, from word of mouth from someone who'd done it up in overseas (didn't realize how widespread it was!). The staff are friendly and welcoming. We made it out with 22 minutes to spare, but the time FLEW! Everyone was laughing and talking about it for hours and even days afterwards.This is a great anchor for an evening.We will definitely be returning! As fun as we'd hoped!
Michael LandernoreSatisfied Customer
Having done an escape room experience before I thought I would know what to expect but OMEscape Melbourne was very different and much more challenging than I thought. Would totally recommend that to my friends. Awesome staff (great sense of humor and really welcoming) and great puzzles (harder and more technologies than we can imagine!). Had a brilliant time. 8 of us did this together, and it was a frantic hour, which flew by really quickly.
Jeremy ArtherSatisfied Customer
Enjoy one of our escape rooms and relaxation with us today


$49/1hr for participant
1hr for game session
Available room:Room-X | Dark Altar | Magic Gate | Camille Prison | Jenny’s study room

Magic Gate

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Jenny’s study room

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Dark Altar

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Camille prison

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$59/1.5hr for participant
1.5hr for game session
Available room:Light & Dark | Trojan | Cleopatra


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"Enjoy a break at Omescape Melbourne - the hi-tech escape room located in Melbourne, Relax and have a fun in 60 mins."
Jackie DengOmescape Melbourne Manager

Booking Camille prison

About this room: Camille prison is an old prison in California. In 1966, the most famous cold-blooded killer in US history, Charles Whitman was executed in the prison. In 1986, the Soviet spy was transferred to the prison. The players are now at the exact same prison.

March 2018
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level 2, 64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne, Vic 3051